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50 Million people around the world are suffering from Alzheimer's disease - 5.5 million of them in the US.
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Archer's world-class team of researchers and scientists are, after extensive laboratory-based research, repurposing drugs (previously designed for use in hypertension) for Alzheimer's disease. This approach has been tested in human clinical trials and shows early promise in slowing or preventing the disease.
Alzheimer's Will Be Defeated.
Alzheimer’s disease is a growing problem around the world, with devastating consequences for patients, caregivers and families. As we understand more and more about the disease, it's clear it can be halted.
新葡萄棋牌平台网站. Clinical Trials.
Even modest therapeutic advances that delay Alzheimer’s Disease onset and progression could significantly reduce the global burden of the disease and the level of care required by patients. Want more information?